Local and regional artists will be on display as part of the 77th Annual Art Exhibition/Competition.

Showcasing a variety of mediums.  

The Maryborough Regional Art Society was first formed as the Maryborough Art Group in 1947 by a small group of people with a common interest in art.

*Image: Open Section winner MRAS competition 'Forest Kaleidoscope' by Chris Postle


Images coming soon. 


  • Winner - Wendy Talbot, The Farmer and The Fence, Mixed
  • Highly commended - Rolf Sieber, Nature's Facination, Acrylic 
  • Commended - Lynn Munn, Sunday Drive, Acrylic


  • First place - Kevin Rogers,Vallery of Light, Pencil
  • Second place - Rolf Sieber, Late Light at Nikenbah, Acrylic
  • Highly commended - Marianne Kresse, Lavendar Fields, Ink/watercolour
  • Commended - K Phachanakorn,The Reef, Acrylic


  • First place - Gary David Weare, Letter to the Spice Islands, Mixed
  • Second place - Jackie James, Im Feeling Fancy, Acrylic/Pencil/Material Collage
  • Highly commended - Lynn Munn,The Hustler, Acrylic 
  • Commended - Gayle Scott, Spirit of the Outback Shaddows, Mixed

Australian Flora & Fauna

  • First place - Lynn Munn, Banksia, Acrylic
  • Second place - Marianne Brady, Time to Fly, Pastel
  • Highly commended - Lorraine Romaoir, Plants for Life, Collage
  • Commended - Rosie Johansen, Celestial Humback Whales, Acrylic 

Still Life

  • First place - Rosie Johansen, A Warm Bunch of Flowers, Acrylic
  • Second place - Wendy Talbot, Tea for One, Acrylic
  • Highly commended - Deborah Benson, Summer Wine, Pencil
  • Commended - Kevin Rogers, Afternoon Tea Anyone?, Pencil 


  • First place - Jodi Wogandt, Depth of Deception, Acrylic
  • Second place - Rosemary Anderson, Evening on the Lake, Mixed
  • Highly commended - Wendy Talbot, Fatherhood, Mixed
  • Commended - Ruth Purnell, Where My Thoughts Wander, Acrylic

3D / Sculpture 

  • First place - Tania Gilby, Precious, Clay
  • Second place - Robert Jennings, Pink Light, Steel
  • Highly commended - Kym Latter, Misconception of Love, Mixed
  • Commended - Daniel Hardy, The Unwoke Blacksmith, Iron

The Artspace is open:
9.30am to 3.30pm Tuesday to Friday
9.30am to 2.00pm Weekends including public holidays