Find new ways to imagine old things in this interactive performance.

“Imagine Everything is Possible” with storyteller Gail Robinson. Ordinary things are magical,  P.L.Travers wrote many books but Mary Poppins remains the favourite. The things she wrote about were imagined from real things, her parrot’s head umbrella, the night sky in Queensland, Mervyn the rocking horse. In this workshop you will explore real things and imagine what might be possible. 

Using storytelling performance as a beginning, a series of unexpected props will emerge from an old carpet bag. Gail will lead participants to explore through drama, drawing, laughter and time-wasting, new ways to imagine old things.

Children will be supervised by staff and facilitator Gail Robinson.

Venue: The Story Bank
Storytelling Session: 10.30am - 12.30pm
Cost: $10 per child.  *Workshop fee includes child admission to The Story Bank. 

*Admission fees apply if entering The Story Bank. 


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