The Proud Mary's

The Proud Mary's formed in 1999 as an association for women all over the world whose name contains the name Mary or any derivative of Mary, such as Maria or Maree. The group formed after it was discovered that P.L Travers had been born in Maryborough, and so in a way so had Mary Poppins. The group's annual Mary Morning Tea, started one hundred years after P.L. Travers birth, became the catalyst for today's Mary Poppins Festival.

The members of the Proud Mary's association were the driving force behind the $60,000 raised to have a Mary Poppins statue erected in Richmond Street in 2005. They also worked to help develop what would become The Story Bank in Travers' place of birth, to share the story of P.L Travers and her life and also encourage a love of storytelling in all who visit.

The Proud Mary's run The Annual Literary Awards each year. The competition is for young creative writers and poets residing in the Fraser Coast Region. ranging from grades 3 to 12. The competition was established in 1999.

If you happen to have the name Mary (or any derivative of Mary) make sure to come sign the Mary Register inside The Story Bank and see your name alongside other Marys from all over the globe.